About Us

White Roof B&B is Bermuda's online trusted marketplace to list and book vacation properties. We have provided accommodations since 2011, allowing visitors to engage with friendly local hosts.


Our mission is to provide access to quality vacation rental properties within Bermuda. Whether your visit entails a family vacation, romantic getaway or business travel, White Roof B&B simplifies your vacation home search. Our team of Vacation Rental Advisors are available to assist you with your accommodation choices, provide direction to our local attractions, historical buildings and pristine beaches.


Bermuda's colorful homes with white roofs have always captivated visitors' attention. The unique architectural roof design is used to collect rain water. During the 1600's the early settlers to the island paved hillsides to collect water and shaped their roofs to funnel water into cisterns. Today, the step-like sloped roofs funnel rain water into pipes leading to underground tanks. The roofs are made of limestone blocks cut into slates and are then white washed with a compound that sanitizes the rain water as it runs into the tanks. Once the water has been collected into the tanks an electric pump is used to generate the water to the household.