St. Georges

Is located at the eastern end of Bermuda and is comprised of two main islands St. George’s Island and St. David’s Island. The parish is named after British Admiral Sir George Somers who founded the town in the early 17th century. The historic Town of St. George’s is the main center of the parish and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The parish is immersed with attractions; historic buildings, museums, churches, historic homes, forts, St. David’s lighthouse and parks reflecting the lives of those who lived here during the 17th century. The parish has a town harbor where small cruise ships dock occasionally. The buses run every 15 minutes to the City of Hamilton and other parts of the island and the ferry travels to the City of Hamilton and Dockyard. The Visitors Information Center is located in the town square where you get information about the historic town of St. George, as well buy tickets for local tours. The L.F. Wade International Airport is also located in the parish. St. George’s is joined by a causeway to the main island.